Ecards and Action Items

Ensure your Consultants are aware of their activity status, say congratulations for a new team member, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, and more! Ecards are a great way to cover all these bases and I’ll do it all for you. Leave it to me to handle your action items each month.

Welcome to our Unit ecard

When you have a new Unit member, I will send her an ecard welcoming her to your Unit, directing her to your Unit’s website (if applicable,) and providing preliminary information on the Mary Kay Great Start program. I will schedule her to receive the company’s Great Start Ready Set Sell ecard a few days afterward. If you’d rather have New Consultant postcards sent, click here for more information.

Thank you for your order ecard

On the first of each month, I will send an ecard to all of your Consultants who placed orders the previous month. In addition, the ecard often refers to the company’s newest promotion or upcoming event.

Star Consultant ecards

Star Consultant ecards are sent out monthly to your current Stars and on-target Stars. Want a Star postcard instead? No problem! Click here for information on Star postcards

Unit Opportunity Action Items/Ecards

Each month, I will complete your Unit Opportunity/Notices action items for you, keeping your Consultants apprised of their activity status. These friendly reminders are sent by the 10th of each month so your Consultants have plenty of time to get an order together if they like. If you’d prefer a postcard, no problem, click here!

Virtualmkoffice is not affiliated in any way with Mary Kay, Inc.

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